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Sessions with Anapama

Energy balancing and healing touch with Anupama Deanne Kallman

Deeply relaxing, intuitive healing touch channels earth energy to heal body, mind, and emotions. It balances subtle body energies where there are blockages or energy has slowed down, causing pain and health problems. Your body is like a stream. When your body has the energy and flow it needs, it can heal itself and blossom. Earth energy helps restore your body’s natural flow of energy.

Sessions may include:

-Balancing spine, brain, chakras and emotions, as well as joints, glands, organs and problem areas.

-Lymphatic flush, adrenal rewire -endocrine system, strengthening and balancing the immune,  digestive, reproductive, and circulatory systems.

-Etheric healing with Spirit, weaving the physical body with the etheric body (which holds the blueprint of perfect health).

-Rainbow chelation and color healing.

-Sound healing.

-Crystal healing (including "John of God Casa crystals").


-Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT).

-Intuitive feedback/counseling.

Energy healing sessions can support us in feeling clear and centered, happier and healthier.

Sessions are done fully clothed on a massage table.

COST:  $60 (60 minutes)    $90  (90 minutes)

Package deal:  Three (1 hr.) paid in advance $170.00

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