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Luminescence is happy to offer the Best Infra-red sauna on the market today...Clearlight which has no EMFs, highest quality infrared heaters (using a patented combination of Carbon and ceramic) and is guaranteed for life.

Come try one out at our spa and ask about pricing to purchase one for home use.



  • LOSE WEIGHT:  30 minutes burns up to 600 calories!
  • DETOX: heavy metals and toxic chemicals
  • REDUCE PAIN: Reduce muscular pain and inflammation
  • REJUVENATE your skin for a healthy luminescent glowDone

IR Saunas use a much lower heat than a traditional sauna. The infrared stimulates cellular activity that induces sweating and releasing of toxins. This sweat from an infrared sauna has been shown to have up to 20% toxins in the the sweat whereas a traditional sauna has 3%. IR sauna is usually 120-140 degrees. A traditional sauna is 180-200 degrees. The IR sauna is a more relaxing experience because of the lower temperature. You will experience significantly more sweating usually within the first 15 mins. Typical sessions are 30-40 mins. Results can be felt in as little as 15.

$30 for 1 hour infrared sauna session with garden relaxation area ($40 for a couple)
$175 for package of ten ($125 savings)
$15 for 30 minute infrared sauna session as an add on to massage or facial in spa
$50 for 1 hour infrared sauna and ionic foot detox (or 30 minute foot massage)



Download article on Far-infrared saunas

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