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Saturday: 11:30-12:30 AM


Fee: $12.00 per class.
Sign up for 5 classes @$50.00 
Classes Taught by Teresa Soto, Certified Pilates Instructor

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Pilates is an age friendly exercise program with highly effective results.  Pilates exercises will help you control both your inner and outer muscles, resulting in improved posture and more efficient breathing patterns which is a key component to maintaining health, particularly as a person ages.  Pilates instruction teaches body awareness through the connection of movement and breath which is taught with precision of controlled movements of several muscle groups at one time while keeping the body centered.  The "powerhouse" muscles of the body's core are activated, resulting in strong abdominal and upper body muscles to hold the body in proper alignment which results in a good posture and a long lasting and happy spine.


Like many other healing modalities, Pilates was created by someone who had a specific health challenge.  As a young child, Mr. Joseph Pilates, suffered from rickets.  He was determined to develop a system that would make him strong and healthy. He created Pilates as a system that is powerful enough to cleanse the bloodstream and energizes the entire body.

Join certified Pilates instructor, Teresa Sota for a class of breathing and centering for fluidity of movement to create strength and alignment throughout the body.   Pilates is an age friendly exercise program with no-impact that is easy on the joints.  Results include:
  • Heightens Body awareness
  • Balances Strength and flexibility
  • Longer Leaner Muscles
  • Increases core strength and stability 

Please bring a yoga mat.

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