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Sessions with Anapama

Anapama offers Energy Medicine and Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) sessions.  She also teaches TAT. 

TAT Class being offered at Luminescence Special Intro Rate of $20 - Next Class, Sunday, April 13th from 1:00-2:30 p.m.
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Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) is a new, cutting edge healing technique grounded in the ancient healing art of Acupressure. TAT is a very simple, easy, Self-Healing tool even a young child can learn. It combines the client lightly holding a few acupressure points on the front and back of the head (the TAT pose) while they gently place their attention on an issue and a series of freeing, empowering statements (the Steps of TAT).

With this technique, you may profoundly improve almost any aspect of your life.

TAT helps to heal without having to analyze and go through the trauma or stress again. Some of the issues TAT could help with include: pain, trauma and stress, negative beliefs, allergies, illness, anxiety, lasting weight loss, depression, grief and loss, pre and post operation issues, breaking habits, and learning issues. TAT also helps elicit more positives, such as prosperity, creativity, happiness, and creating the life you want.

TAT is a self-healing technique you can learn in a few sessions or classes under guidance, and is a tool you will be able to take home with you to use for the rest of your life. Since TAT is a self-healing technique, it can result in more sustainable shifts of consciousness and behavior.

TAT brings one to a more peaceful, centered space, and truly is a “Portal of Grace.”

TAT has been done successfully on adults, babies and children, animals, the elderly, the seriously ill, including patients in comas, combat veterans with PTSD, as well as large groups of people who have suffered trauma and injury from natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Special Spring Pricing 


Pkg of 3- 60 MINUTE SESSIONS- $165 (saves $15)
Pkg of 3- 90 MINUTE SESSIONS- $250 (saves $20)

1-"GOLDEN LIGHT"-Soothe Nervous System:
Helps relieve stress. Relaxing, healing touch channeling golden light throughout the body. Brain and energy balancing, energizing
and grounding the adrenals. Relax sacrum, neck, and eyes, and weave soothing gold filament around the brain and spinal column.                                                   
2-"RADIANT HEALTH"- Boost  Immune System:
Healing touch using grounding earth energy. Energizing and balancing the circulatory system & heart, liver, spleen, pancreas, piers patches, thymus, lungs, brain and sinuses. Creating an immune boost triangle and an energy egg in the belly to increase energy.

3-"RAINBOW LIGHT"- Balance Chakras :
Healing touch channeling rainbow frequency light throughout the entire body. Energizing and balancing the bone marrow, bones,
periosteum (skin of bone) muscles, fascia (connective tissue), skin, pores of the skin, and the 7 chakras. Glow like a rainbow!

Sessions include Reiki, John of God healing crystals and sound healing.


Pkg of 2- 60 MINUTE SESSIONS- $110 (saves $10)   
Pkg of 2- 90 MINUTE SESSIONS- $165 (saves $15)

Healing touch fully clothed, on a massage table.
Focusing on problem areas and an energy system of the body-
adrenal rewire, lymph flush, circulatory, reproductive, digestive, endocrine systems, etc.
Clearing energy blocks using earth energy, John of God healing crystals, sound healing,
Reiki, working with Spirit and the Etheric Body, which holds the blueprint of perfect health.

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