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QiGong with Jim Weaver every Sunday at 11:00 and Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. class is ~ one hour
$15 drop in fee or $40 for 4 classes

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QiGong -[pronounced chi-gong] is an ancient form of self healing which has been practiced for thousands of years.  QiGong is both spiritual and physical and consists of gentle flowing, dance like movement, visualization, focused breathing and meditation. QiGong enables one to lower stress, improve circulation and strengthen Qi flow thru the meridians. Qi or [Chi] is the universal life energy. Gong means art or development. So QiGong means Energy Development.
Learn to drop stress and tension quickly, gather fresh energy from the environment and awaken your hidden power and potential.

Jim Weaver teaches Tibetan and Taoist QiGong.  He is also the founder of Shakqigong, a form of QiGong that blends Shakt Yoga and traditional Qigong.

Jim Weaver started practicing QiGong in 1990.  He studied Taoist QiGong through the Healing Tao System as taught by Mantak Chia. Since 2003, Jim has been practicing and training in Tibetan QiGong with Master Zi Sheng Wang. 


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