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Tips for a Healthy Body and Skin

Regular cleansing keeps your skin healthy from the inside out - to support your body while cleansing and for a deeper detox, take Polycil Health Brand  "Wellness Formula" and "Zeolite Plus" (both sold at Luminescence Day Spa, see products section)

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Salt is indeed very precicious... 
Salt is a good way to get your minerals.    Replace table salt in cooking with quality Sea salt (Himalayan, , Hawaiian, celtic).  You will use less salt as there is more flavor and it improves every recipe. 

During the summer months or if working out regularly drink Sole:

Recipe for "Sole"  :  Put four teaspoons of quality sea salt (preferably Himalayan Pink sea salt or Hawaiian sea salt in a glass jar with 1/4 cup of spring water.  Let dissolve for at least eight hours.  Take one teaspoon in a glass of spring water each day.

Add Sea Salt to your bath to sooth and nourish your skin.

Ancient Sea Salt from sources that were untouched by modern day pollutants offer supreme bio-energetic properties with minerals that are essential to the human body.

Something to ponder about just how valuable salt is to life.. what will be the ancient sources of uncontaminated salt for future generations?  Sea salt contains 84 minerals, roughly the same minerals as the human body.  We need these minerals for our health.  What are we thinking as we allow our oceans,the very source of this precious salt to be severly contaminated?

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